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Thank you again for all your help figuring out how best to place speakers in our basement wall unit. They look and sound absolutely fantastic!! We can’t believe how amazing it all turned out. Happy Holidays!!

Adam G.

“we are thrilled with the whole system, especially the home theatre which sounds terrific… Friends have also commented on how wonderful it is to have background music throughout the house.”

Jim B.

“I have been incredibly happy with my Noble Fidelity L-65, L-85 & L-85 SPS speakers. I have now installed them in 5 rooms across two houses. I love the combination of nice design with solid sounds.”

Andrew S.

“love the sound and design… the mounting is ingenious…VERY happy… thanks for all the time you took advising, it is greatly appreciated.”

Martin H.

We have just fitted a pair of L-85’s to an outdoor sitting area and they sound equally impressive. I’m not sure our neighbors will be too pleased when summer comes around – these speakers demand to be heard. And, I loved the easy, well–thought–out mountings.

Ian T

I purchased Noble Fidelity products after extensive research and comparing the quality of the speakers to other in wall and in ceiling speakers of various companies and realized that there is NO comparison to the robust quality of Noble Fidelity’s speakers…

Greg H.

I have been an audiophile for the past 45 years and my recent move to a smaller home made my large free-standing Magnepan speakers a non-starter……enter Noble Fidelity (NF) after I researched the potential best in wall speaker alternatives. Fast forward to five in-ceiling L-65 LCRS installed as suggested by NF after reviewing my system and my planned room configuration. I COULDN’T be happier and the matched set of five are sounding great. I have now added an OPPO BDP-105D as my music and video source. That component makes the L-65 LCRS speakers sound even better.

Jim L.

“The sound from your speakers is very clear. No distortion, a clean, strong sound. I asked the installer named Dave to seriously consider investigating your speakers and recommending them to Accura customers.”

Gary M.

We’ve finally finished our remodel in Vail, CO and are enjoying the fantastic sound coming from your speakers. They maybe the best speakers I’ve ever heard.

Glenn E.

… we raised the volume…
WOW!!! Not a SINGLE hint of strain or stress. These speakers can really push air around! At full volume, while being way too loud, they were just as clear, and clean, as they were at lower volumes.
If you’re considering any of Noble Fidelity’s products, just BUY them! You will be VERY happy you did!

Yeshaya S.
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