Let’s Compare The Home Theater Experience to a Cineplex Experience

Watching movies at home.

If you set your Movie consumption schedule up such that, rather than waiting to see the latest movies hitting the Why Home Theater?big screen at the Cineplex you wait to see the latest movies to hit the Red Box for rent or for sale on Amazon, you are far better off financially as an individual; as a family the savings is huge. Typically the Movie can be purchased for a similar or less cost than the overall Box Office experience. Add it to your Library to watch again whenever the mood strikes or loan it out to your friends that loan their movies to you.
You can go into Classics mode. How many times have you watched The Godfather, Vertigo, Casablanca, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Chinatown, To Kill a Mockingbird, Patton, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, The French Connection, Raging Bull or Slumdog Millionaire… What are your favorites, which classics have you yet to discover? The foregoing is a great start on a playlist of Classics. Getting into Alfred Hitchcock or Stanley Kubrick for example can be very enjoyable. You can rent, stream or purchase these treasures for far less money, hassle, exposure to traffic, crowds and the exorbitant cost of low quality food at the Cineplex. The Cineplex has one very definite advantage, that being the BIG screen, but with the proximity with which you sit from your own sizable screen in the comfort and safety of home, family, food and ability to pause for whatever reason, Home Theater beats the Cineplex hands down.
With Home Theater you enjoy movies at your leisure with breaks for getting the pizza out of the oven, the popcorn out of the microwave, or a full-on gourmet meal on TV trays. After pausing the movie for such, you can rewind it a chapter to be sure you’re right back on track with the drama, action or emotion. If you are having any trouble with the dialogue you can pop on the subtitles.
You don’t need a baby sitter, you can pause to let the dog in and out, prepare and serve Fido’s food. You can do laundry.
It is less expensive, more convenient, intimate and home oriented. There really is no comparison between the Home Theater and the Cineplex experience.

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