Noble Fidelity Loudspeaker Reviews

Noble Fidelity L-65 mk II Round Mount Loudspeaker Review By Greg Robinson

Noteworthy quotes from Greg Robinson: “One of the great things about Noble Fidelity is that they include a complimentary design service, complete with scaled and dimensioned design drawings, with the purchase of their loudspeakers. And as I recently learned, they've also been fully trained by Dolby Laboratories in designing and laying out small-to-large scale Dolby Atmos systems. It should come as no surprise then that Noble Fidelity was my first phone call once I decided to embark on this project. After telling the good folks at Noble Fidelity about my [...]


Review | L-85 mk II In-Ceiling Speaker By Darryl Wilkinson

Noteworthy quotes from Darryl Wilkinson: “I was thoroughly impressed with the Noble Fidelity L-85 mk II speakers. They're dynamic, have excellent bass response for an in-ceiling/in-wall model, and possess a very smooth mid- and high-end. Overall, they're a splendid set of speakers to hear.” “In those cases - whether they're mounted in the ceiling or in the wall - the Noble Fidelity L-85 mk IIs offer a spectacular alternative that will leave you savoring the fidelity of the sound rather than simmering over what's missing.” “At some level, all speakers [...]


Noble Fidelity L-85 LCRS In-Ceiling loudspeaker | HomeTheaterReview

Noteworthy quotes from Andrew Robinson, Editor in Chief, HomeTheaterReview: “Right off the bat the L-85 LCRS proved to be explosive, possessing lightening fast reflexes that made for a dynamic performance that came from nowhere and shook me off guard.” “…the L-85 LCRS's overall sound was a lot closer to that of a large open baffle or, dare I say, panel speaker than a traditional cone and dome design; no boxy resonances, bloat or romanticism here.” “The most impressive aspect of the L-85 LCRS's performance was the large, open soundstage that [...]


Noble Fidelity L-82 In-wall Speakers Reviewed By Jim Swantko

"...Regarding space, I was also surprised at the soundstage, which the Nobles were able to create from a flat wall. It extended well beyond the speakers to either side. Even more surprising to me was that it seemed to begin well inside the wall. Robert Plant's ‘In the Mood’ from the Principle of Moments album (Es Paranza) played smooth and relaxed. Plant's vocals hovered several feet in front of the wall, while instruments were placed within. The soundstage was spread wide across my living room and sounded natural, whether outside [...]