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With every purchase Noble Fidelity will help you attain the best loudspeaker placement for your Whole House and Home Theater layouts.

In order for loudspeaker systems to sound their best, proper placement is necessary as well as good source material and components. Here, we are going to address placement because it is rather permanent and expensive to change once committed to. The source material and components are another story.

Noble Fidelity loudspeakers are used in Home Theater systems and 2-Channel Stereo Whole House Audio systems.

Proper placement for these two uses actually differ…

For 2-Channel Whole House audio systems to develop bass response the loudspeakers require “boundary support”. When 8″ and smaller loudspeakers are placed more than four feet from an adjacent reflective surface (a boundary) bass performance begins to drop off significantly and subwoofer augmentation will almost always be necessary for full-bodied sound. Without low frequency capability, all loudspeakers sound thin and disappointing. Conversely, when loudspeakers are placed too close to a boundary the bass response becomes muddy & boomy sounding and the midrange and high frequencies become ringy sounding and clarity suffers. Basically, for great results, you don’t want your loudspeakers to be too close or too far from their boundaries in 2-Channel systems.

Interior Decorators usually do not understand sound and wave propagation. When System Designers and Integrators that are driven by Interior Decorators, it seems the primary criteria as to in-ceiling loudspeaker placement is interweaving their placement with other ceiling constituents, primarily light fixtures, for equal spacing, visual appeal and symmetry. While this makes good sense for how the ceiling looks, it does not typically make good-sound sense.

What is the point of buying premium product and not utilizing it properly? When we determine placement for our loudspeakers, we do so for the best sound possible, while keeping a close eye on aesthetics to best please the Interior Decorator.

With proper placement, Noble Fidelity loudspeakers do not need subwoofer augmentation to enjoy full-range, smooth & dynamic music throughout the room(s); regularly people are astonished with the low frequency performance (bass). It is very important to Noble Fidelity that all of our Customers are astonished by the loudspeakers’ sound quality. It is for this reason that we offer our Free Design Service. Our Customers have friends, we want them as Customers too, in fact a large segment of our business is referred by other Noble Fidelity owners be it one-on-one or via the positive postings in various Internet forums.

Home Theater system loudspeakers should never be placed too close to boundaries because of the ill effects on the mid-range and high Design layout for home theater systemsDesign Layout for Home Theater Systems frequencies that occur; bass is affected, but not as much, because low frequency content is rolled-off, crossed-over to the subwoofer(s) anywhere from 90 to 60 Hertz so there is much less low frequency content present to become muddy or boomy. Bass augmentation by operation of placing the loudspeakers within a 4 foot proximity of a boundary surface is not necessary because of the presence of a subwoofer. Speaking of which, while their placement is quite flexible there are great, good and not-so-good subwoofer positions in Home Theater systems.

Whether you are planning a Dolby 5.1, 7.1 with or without additional height or width channels, Dolby Atmos or DTS-X systems, there are specific areas for all loudspeakers to be located. If you want the full effects of what the recording engineers have created, you need to place them properly.

Click Here for a good article on Atmos & DTS-X.

To visit Dolby Labs click here.

Or download or view a .pdf paper from Dolby Labs click here.

As a free service to our customers we will design the layout so that it is in accordance with Dolby’s specifications.

Email a drawing of your floor-plan, we can work anything from a crude hand drawing to a set of architectural plans. The drawings must have accurate dimensions. In the case of an architectural drawing we will position the loudspeakers with dimensions and the Dolby Labs surround sound placement geometry mask directly on your drawing. In the case of a hand drawing, if it is drawn to scale on graph paper for example, we will likely draw directly on it as well. If is a rough or crude drawing that is not to scale but does include accurately called-out dimensions, we will re-draw the layout to scale using our CAD programs. You will receive a scaled drawing with proper dimensions.

Send us an Email : contacts @ noble-fidelity.com

Customer Testimonial: “Noble Fidelity worked closely with me to tailor the selection of the speakers to suit the design of my rooms, devoting quite a bit of time consulting with me to ensure that the right product was precision placed in the right location. The result is phenomenal. I have the L-65 LCRs, and 2 L-65s as part of a 5.1 surround system in my living room, and the quality of the speaker sound is matched only by the discretion of the foot print. Great results for the second zone in my kitchen as well, where we placed 4 L-85s. It’s been two years since the speakers went in, and I’m still impressed. Absolutely terrific sound, unexpected clarity and depth for in-ceiling speakers, and completely unobtrusive. Noble Fidelity provides a level of sound quality, affordability, and customer service that I simply have not found anywhere else.”

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Give us a call and we will help you determine best placement for maximum enjoyment of both your 2-Channel Whole House and Home Theater layouts.