Noteworthy quotes from Greg Robinson:

“One of the great things about Noble Fidelity is that they include a complimentary design service, complete with scaled and dimensioned design drawings, with the purchase of their loudspeakers. And as I recently learned, they’ve also been fully trained by Dolby Laboratories in designing and laying out small-to-large scale Dolby Atmos systems. It should come as no surprise then that Noble Fidelity was my first phone call once I decided to embark on this project.

After telling the good folks at Noble Fidelity about my plan to add four ceiling speakers to my basement theater, I was asked to email them a few photos of my space along with a sketch indicating the key dimensions. The people at my two panels were reinforced and I used Noble Fidelity's template to cut two holes in my new and improved "ceiling."Noble Fidelity first confirmed that my existing 7.1 system was laid out in compliance with Dolby Labs’ prescribed 7.1 geometry. Next I received from them a scaled diagram of my room indicating Noble’s recommended installation locations for my four proposed ceiling speakers. As I learned in speaking with them, Noble Fidelity’s Atmos system designs take into consideration the key issues of optimum boundary proximity and support in loudspeaker placement; this means they’re careful to ensure that loudspeakers are not positioned too close or too far from reflective surfaces, either of which can be detrimental.”

“… it quickly became evident that the L-65 mk II exhibits a wonderful quality of sound and tremendous range, from a robust midrange to crisp, airy highs. They also blend beautifully with my Noble Fidelity LCRS in-walls – an essential quality for a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X home system. That said, make no mistake: these are no mere effects speakers.”

“I was blown away by the sound stage created by my ceiling-mounted L-65 mk IIs. They completely filled my theater with Nina’s soul-stirring music, and seemed to do so without breaking a sweat.”

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