As of Fall 2016 we are selling our high quality loudspeakers direct through our website. Shipping is free for all purchases when shipped to the United States and Canada. If you are outside of the US and Canada we will pay a portion of the shipping cost.

Click here to browse our award winning in ceiling and in wall loudspeakers.

We offer free loudspeaker layout design observing optimized boundary proximity for your room’s particular acoustics, maximizing audio quality in 2 channel, and Surround Sound Systems in accordance with the Dolby Labs prescribed surround geometries.

You may want to call us to increase your understanding of these important parameters.

Noble Fidelity Is Now Selling Directly To Music Lovers & Home Theater Buffs!CALL 888 808-HIFI or email your room drawing(s) to, a Dolby trained consultant will work with you directly to place your loudspeakers for optimum sound quality. No purchase necessary! Noble Fidelity will send you a scaled/dimensioned drawing indicating optimum loudspeaker placement in accordance with Dolby Labs and boundary proximity physics for the best possible results.

Noble Fidelity makes award winning, audiophile grade in-wall/ceiling loudspeakers starting at $649/pair great for music lovers, home theater aficionados, 2 channel distributed audio systems and 5.1 to 7.1.4 and beyond “object-based” surround systems using the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats.

We look forward to hearing from you!