L-85 SPS mk II Single Point Stereo In Ceiling / In Wall Loudspeakers


High performance round mount loudspeaker suitable for in-ceiling or in-wall use with 8″ far-forward mounted woofer (Kevlar) and two (Left & Right) ¾″ soft dome textile (Tetoron) tweeters.

Both Round & Rectangular Frameless Grilles are included to architecturally match the finished appearance to either in wall or in ceiling applications. For Whole House Audio. Accurate & Musical. Robust power handling. Stealthy Elegant appearance.

*Grilles are color matched to Leviton® white.


Noble Fidelity’s industry leading designs are elegantly simple and correct with regard to the Science of Physics and Wave Propagation. Sonic excellence is fundamental to each and every Noble Fidelity loudspeaker.

Grilles are frameless-bezel less, low profile, ultra-fine perf, magnetic stainless steel held firmly in place with 24 beveled neodymiun magnets. Grilles may be painted to match or accent mounting surface(s).

Utilizing a far-forward woofer mounted in a small footprint diffraction limiting frame together with two pole-mounted soft dome, lens-free tweeters, this excellent design avoids the diffraction & near-field
boundary distortions that plague many other in-ceiling & in-wall loudspeaker designs.

  • Tuned for high fidelity and linear performance in standard drywall construction
  • System-concentric wide-field dispersion
  • Kevlar® 8″ fiber (203 mm) dual voice coil, native yellow, square-woven woofer (DuPont) with butyl surround
  • Tetoron® ¾″ (19 mm) separate left & right soft dome, lens-free, woven-textile tweeters with neodymium motors
  • Audio grade polypropylene capacitor populated fiberglass board crossover circuit
  • Drivers wired with audio grade, high strand count, oxygen free copper high current speaker cable
  • T-Stop signal-powered protection circuit prevents tweeter driver failure
  • Heavy spring-loaded gold-plated connection terminals accommodate up to 10 gauge speaker cable
  • Edge/Ledge smoothing Diffraction Ring
  • 24 beveled neodymium grille retention magnets
  • Square seating Dog Ears clamp down to 10mm
  • Rated for deployment in high humidity environments
  • Includes nylon insulation isolating Top Hat. Top Hats “pop” into shape covering the top of the loudspeaker protecting it from ceiling/roof insulation material fibers & dust. Top Hats are acoustically “absent” in that they do not restrict cone excursion.

Frequency response: 38Hz – 21kHz ±3dB on reference axis
Sensitivity: 91dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
Recommended amplifier power: 5W – 200W on unclipped program within frequency domain

System: 9 1316″ round x 3 ⅞″ deep
Cut-out: 8 ½″ round x 3 ⅞″ deep
Net weight: 5.5 lbs each
System: 250 mm round x 99 mm deep
Cut-out: 216 mm round x 99 mm deep
Net weight: 2.5 kg each

Lifetime Limited Warranty