Testimonial | L-65 LCRS in ceiling loudspeaker

Name: Steven L.
Location: Overland Park, KS
Purchase Date: Apr 11 2014

L-65 LCRS In-Ceiling Loudspeakers


Maybe you can help me out here. I have looked several other places and I cannot find the answer to this. I am trying to find the optimal setup config.

Receiver: Onkyo 818 with Audyssey XT32

After running Audyssey it recommends a x-over point at 40hz for fronts, center & surrounds. That is a great testiment of the range of your speakers. However, I do not feel that I should be asking those speakers to deal with 40-50hz frequencies when I have a sealed, dual 15″ driver sub that excels in the mid-bass range. I have set the x-over point at 70hz.

Here is where I am confused. I have been told to set the LPF/LFE at 120hz. I understand that this is different than a x-over but I don’t understand how it works. My logic tells that if the NF in-walls are playing anything above 70hz and the sub is playing everything under 120hz that there would be a hot spot between 70-120hz because both the sub and the In-walls are playing these frequencies. Can you help me understand this?

Thanks for the time Greg,


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