L-85 SPS Single Point Stereo in ceiling loudspeaker | Noble Fidelity

Name: Joe P.
Location: Dorchester, MA
Purchase Date: Jan 06 2012

L-85 SPS Single Point Stereo in ceiling loudspeaker

After much research for speakers during the planning of my whole house music system, I narrowed my choices to a few top brands. After talking at length with Greg Ford about my plans and being impressed with his knowledge and obvious experience I decided to purchase the speakers from Noble Fidelity.

My six zone system uses both in-wall (L-82’s) and in-ceiling speakers (L-85) including a single point stereo unit L-85 SPS). Installation was straightforward with help from the included well done documentation and with a few specifics being answered by Greg. Results were fantastic and beyond what I imagined in-structure speakers were capable of. Clarity and bass response at lower listening levels are very impressive and were an important criteria for my system.

I would highly recommend Noble Fidelity speakers for your in-wall or ceiling installation.

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