Noble Fidelity model L-82 In-Wall Loudspeaker Reviewed by Jim Swantco –“…Regarding space, I was also surprised at the soundstage, which the Nobles were able to create from a flat wall. It extended well beyond the speakers to either side.

Even more surprising to me was that it seemed to begin well inside the wall. Robert Plant’s ‘In the Mood’ from the Principle of Moments album (Es Paranza) played smooth and relaxed. Plant’s vocals hovered several feet in front of the wall, while instruments were placed within.

The soundstage was spread wide across my living room and sounded natural, whether outside the sweet spot or even in the adjacent kitchen. Over several weeks of listening, I am glad to report that I never experienced any listener fatigue. Since the Nobles were so conveniently located in my living room, I realized how much more time I spent listening to and enjoying music. …Compare these Noble Fidelity L-82s with some of the best in-wall offerings from the likes of Sonance, Speakercraft, Paradigm, B&W, PSB and RBH.”

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