quotes from Andrew Robinson, Editor in Chief, HomeTheaterReview:

“Right off the bat the L-85 LCRS proved to be explosive, possessing lightening fast reflexes that made for a dynamic performance that came from nowhere and shook me off guard.”

“…the L-85 LCRS’s overall sound was a lot closer to that of a large open baffle or, dare I say, panel speaker than a traditional cone and dome design; no boxy resonances, bloat or romanticism here.”

“The most impressive aspect of the L-85 LCRS’s performance was the large, open soundstage that appeared in front of me. Despite being mounted in my ceiling, the L-85 LCRS still cast a soundstage that sounded, more or less, like it was coming from speakers mounted in line with my ears. The L-85 LCRS’s soundstage was wide and extremely deep and possessed surprising focus… …Lead vocals hung effortlessly in space yet were rendered front and center with lifelike scale and weight.”

“At $349 each the L-85 LCRS In-Ceiling loudspeaker from Noble Fidelity is a remarkable achievement by any standard, for they manage to sound like large in-wall loudspeakers (and even floorstanding speakers) when seated in the right place. On more than one occasion the L-85 LCRS’s tricked guests into thinking there were speakers somehow “hidden” in my walls, they were that certain the sound was not coming from above them.”

“High praise and proof the L-85 LCRS’s 15-degree rake works, but that’s not even the best part for the L-85 LCRS’s sound fantastic.”

“While there are smaller, more stylish in-ceiling solutions to be had, few can hold a candle to the L-85 LCRS’s value for dollar proposition, which is off the charts considering an entire five speaker home theater comprised of L-85 LCRS’s (minus a subwoofer) will set you back $1,745 and take up zero floor or wall space. It appears Noble Fidelity is on a roll…”

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