It is about time we report on our latest Live with Music event.

April 29th 2016, Noble Fidelity sponsored a number of people to attend the Reno Nevada Joe Bonamassa Concert, preceded by a Meet & Greet and Photo Shoot with Joe and a really cool group dinner at the historic Basque Santa Fe Hotel about a block away from the Reno Events Center. I gave Joe a Noble Fidelity ball cap that I hope he’ll wear now and then as he seems to wear them a lot, we all wore them, many of us had them autographed by Joe. All 19 members of the group got the chance to meet Joe and get a picture as well as the

Bubba Melcher, Joe Bonamassa, Greg Ford

Bubba Melcher,  Joe Bonamassa, Greg Ford

signing of paraphernalia. In attendance were Dee Farr, Canyon Cassidy, Dawn & Dean Detton, Bubba Melcher, Roland Della Santa, Lari Welch, Paul Arnold, Brandi McNary, Dean Goss, Bill Callos, Jamie & Jake Barrett, Phil Klink, Jack Reinhart, Andy Moss, Steve Lotsofsky and me, Greg Ford. After the pre-show meet ‘n’ greet we all went over to the Sante Fe for an excellent Basque dinner. The Sante Fe Hotel Restaurant is truly a Reno-original. A big group like ours was met with immediate acceptance and catered to with good food and refreshments. After devouring our meal, we were right on time for the walk back to the Reno Events Center and just in time to get seated.
We had some of the best seats in the House! The entire evening was a blast! Joe’s performance was in grand style as he dazzled the crowd with his stylish(better word) guitar skills. Joe Bonamassa and his band were in good spirits, and the ensemble featured a horn, sax, bass, drummer and a well known organ player, Reese Wynans,
Joe Bonamassa and Reese Wynans in concert

Shreddin Joe and Reese Wynans

Joe on the guitar and Reese on the organ

who once toured with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble. Reese’s addition to Joe’s band brings about a lot experience and he fits in nicely as an excellent pairing to a guitar player who performs complex and innovative solos. While concert goers rushed back and forth from the stage to snap photos, Joe’s scintillating guitar licks blew them all back into their seats, only to come up roaring in applause once the song was over. Joe played a few new songs as well as a bunch of his past renditions and one or two songs written by BB King. BB King gave Joe the nod at a incredibly young age of 12 when BB invited him to open for his tour in 1989. Billed as “Smokin Joe Bonamassa”, Joe opened for nearly 20 shows on BB King’s tour. In hindsight this was is if BB King had intended to pass on the baton of greatness. Today Joe’s mastery is well in becoming, as he continues to improve and has remained true in how he performs and presents himself. His class and his musical choice as well as skill continue to grow his musical repertoire into a legendary combination of passion and technique.

The first time I saw Joe was the Bona-Vegas event April 20th 2013 with Dean Detton of Prestige Automation in Las Vegas at the Pearl Concert Theater with a Meet & Greet / Photo Shoot. The Pearl Concert Theater is a fantastic venue, highly recommended! My second time was with Roland Della Santa, Dean Detton, Phil Klink and Steve Funk of Reno, December 8th 2013 at the Reno Events Center with a Meet & Greet / Photo Shoot. My third time was a Rock Candy Funk Party event at The Baked Potato in Studio City California with Tim Miner of Pacific Coast Audio Video, Signing with Joe BonamassaCorona Del Mar February 7th 2014. The fourth time was on April 29th 2016, again at Reno Events Center and as Noble Fidelity’s premier, I was delighted to sponsor the lucky 19 attendees. Some had never heard of him before, while others have seen him once or twice, with a smaller few having seen him numerous times. Today, July 15th, as we publish this blog, Joe is performing on a European Tour, and tonight he plays at Summerstage Festival in Group Photo - Joe Bonamassa Concert in Reno April 2016Basel Switzerland has hosted a rank of the top acts in rock and blues, like Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd. Basel remains a must-see venue for those in Europe. After Joe finishes his European tour he comes back to the United States to continue concert dates. He’ll be back stateside in Morrison Colorado July 19th at the

Joe Bonamassa Tour Dates

Click here for a full list of shows

Red Rocks Amphitheater with a well-earned break until September 25th when he’ll be Down Under in Perth Australia at the Perth Concert Hall. This guy is on the road and off-continent a lot! Make sure and get some tickets and see Joe play. Our group of 18 or so are looking forward to getting together again next time Joe is in Reno or close by.

Hey Joe, how about another Bona-Vegas event???
Noble Fidelity’s Live with Music™ events are meant to encourage you to let the rhythm of life be energized by exceptional music from the greatest musicians. It is also true that quality of sound is a primary tenet in Noble Fidelity’s production of the highest quality home theater speakers in the business. Noble Fidelity continues to provide it’s customers with the ability to “live with music” and to improve “the experience of sound reproduction and re-define the axiom of value”.