Review | L-85 mk II In-Ceiling Speaker By Darryl Wilkinson - HomeTheaterReviewNoteworthy quotes from Darryl Wilkinson:

“I was thoroughly impressed with the Noble Fidelity L-85 mk II speakers. They’re dynamic, have excellent bass response for an in-ceiling/in-wall model, and possess a very smooth mid- and high-end. Overall, they’re a splendid set of speakers to hear.”

“In those cases – whether they’re mounted in the ceiling or in the wall – the Noble Fidelity L-85 mk IIs offer a spectacular alternative that will leave you savoring the fidelity of the sound rather than simmering over what’s missing.”

“At some level, all speakers are able to fill a room with sound. Fewer are able to disappear and let the music take over. The LS-85 mk II is one of the rarer breeds of speakers that’s able to fill a room with emotion. The fact that the LS-85 mk IIs are in-ceiling/in-wall speakers makes them part of E-Gear magazine’s October 2008 reviewan extremely exclusive club of architectural speakers that simply don’t have to apologize for being mounted in a ceiling (or wall). I don’t even need all the fingers on one hand to count the number of custom-installed speakers that can match the Noble Fidelity LS-85 mk II’s musicality.”

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