3:05 pm02/16/2008

Widescreen Review magazine’s L-55 LCRS review by Gary Altunian


Widescreen Review magazine's March 2008 L-55 LCRS review by Gary Altunian. "You won’t find Noble Fidelity in-wall loudspeakers on the shelf at your local big-box retailer. The company relies on qualified system integrators and custom installers to represent and vend their products. Although I’m not a system integrator, I suspect that many of their installing dealers are offering Noble Fidelity to many of their customers because of their high value and excellent sound quality. " Read the full review of our ground breaking 'all channel' rectangular in-wall. Read the review [...]

12:56 pm05/07/2007

The Perfect Vision, L-85 loudspeaker review by Chris Martens


The Perfect Vision NOBLE FIDELITY L-85 review by Chris Martens from June/July 2007. Read "Sound From Above" for all the details of how well this high performance in-ceiling speaker did against some pretty tough competition. "The L-85s sounded a little “stiff” straight out of the box, but after several hours of run-in time their sound opened up considerably, impressing me in three ways: "First, the resolution and detail reminded me of the sound of good mid-priced floorstanding and bookshelf speakers" "Second, the L-85s offer surprisingly solid bass." "Finally, the L-85s [...]