Testimonial | L-62 in wall / center channel loudspeakers

Name: Brian M.
Location: Vaughan, ON Canada
Purchase Date: Jun 07 2012

L-62 in wall / center channel loudspeakers

We had professional installers come in, they were tasked with doing our home theater, music through the house, security cameras etc. Once installation was complete, the installers were totally surprised with the sound from the L82 (Front) and the L62 (rear) that they had installed. Superb clarity and excellent bass with a full spectrum of sound reproduction, almost no need for a sub woofer. Several different CD’s were played and the results were outstanding.

Later the installers asked their executive to attend a demo with the intention of carrying this product for sale in Canada, as they had never heard of Noble Fidelity and were carried away with the sound reproduction from the Noble Fidelity speakers that were way better than any other in wall speaker they had installed and comparable to some of the high end floor standing speakers they had worked with.

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