Testimonial | L-65 in ceiling loudspeakers

Name: Kris S.
Location: Austin, TX
Purchase Date: Nov 10 2015

L-65 mk ll in ceiling / in wall / center channel loudspeakers

I have installed Noble Fidelity speakers in my last two homes, and continue to be blown away by the range and precision of sounds coming from these amazing speakers. Gregory at Noble Fidelity spent countless hours with me, both over the phone and behind the scenes, designing and perfecting the right speaker combinations and exact locations in order to optimize the listening experience in my living rooms. Guests of ours can’t believe that our ceiling speakers, mostly hidden from view, can fill our home with such clear and concise sounds and music.

Beyond selling incredible speakers at a very fair price, Gregory takes customer service to a new level and truly stands behind his products. I’ve already referred one friend who has retrofitted his home with Noble Fidelity speakers and will certainly be telling others of this wonderful company.

Thanks again Gregory!

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