Testimonial | L-65 in ceiling loudspeakers

Testimonial | L-65 in ceiling loudspeakers

Name: Rosanna & Chris Q.
Location: Wellesley, MA
Purchase Date: Sep 17 2012

L-65 mk ll in ceiling / in wall / center channel loudspeakers

I purchased the L-65 speakers for my home theatre system from Noble Fidelity and could not have had a better experience. I have been an active audiophile for many years and have NEVER encountered the type of hands-on attention as with Noble Fidelity. The founder and owner Gregory Ford, as an example, personally contacted me and after reviewing the design/lay-out of our (specific) home theatre room, customized my L-65 loudspeaker(s) to ensure optimal performance.

I received the speakers and have been incredibly impressed with their performance. The clarity and precision (highs and lows) of the units are terrific and my family and friends have enjoyed many many hours of listening pleasure! I strongly recommend Noble Fidelity and thank them for customized support and amazing product(s).

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