Testimonial | L-65 mk ll in ceiling / in wall / center channel loudspeakers

Name: Bryce W.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purchase Date: Mar 24 2015

L-65 mk II In Ceiling / In Wall Loudspeakers

Hi Greg,

I just picked up my L-65 Mk II’s today and just bare on my dining room table they look and feel impressive. Just to check I unplugged my banana clips from my B&W’s in my living room, hooked up the Noble’s and they sound awesome.

I am slowly breaking these speakers in. They are incredible and make me happy I spent the energy to track them down. The imaging from a direction 90deg offset from the aimed soundstage where my bedroom office is fantastic and has killed my plan to buy additional speakers and DAC for my home office area. I hope your business continues to build. All the best.


Bryce W.

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