Testimonial | L-82 in wall / center channel loudspeakers

Testimonial | L-82 in wall / center channel loudspeakers

Name: Jay M.
Location: Kemah, TX
Purchase Date: May 22 2012

L-82 in wall / center channel loudspeakers

I have owned my L-82 in wall speakers for 2 1/2 years and they just keep getting better. I did not want in wall speakers, but due to my living room setup, I had no choice. I am very picky and could not decide on what I wanted. I live outside of Houston, TX and I was very dissatisfied with the City’s audio options. If you are not building a 100k home theater your options here are limited.

I then went online to research. I ran across a article in home theater review about Noble Fidelity. I called the company and to my surprise a human picked up, on the 2nd or 3rd ring. This was a nice surprise. That was just the beginning. The guy I talked to was named Greg. I had many questions, he had all the answers. He spent over an hour talking to me. I was more than impressed. I later found out that Greg was the owner of the company. He talked to me like he had known me my whole life. I called back a few days later and ordered a pair of L-55’s. They were great speakers, but with the big box amp I had it was not the right setup. I called Greg back and he was very helpful. He told me about the L-82’s and offered to send me a pair. I bought a new amp and WOW!!, what a difference. He even called back a few weeks later to ask about the speakers. They are somewhat of a conversation piece in my home. When my friends hear them they ask where the towers are. That should say it all. I plan on buying in a few pair of in ceilings in the near future. I have no doubt where they are coming from.

Greg and his staff at Noble Fidelity are a great example of what is good in American business. They care about the product, but more importantly, they care about the customer. Give them a try and you will be amazed.

Greg, sorry this was so long. I wish you and Noble Fidelity continued growth.

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