Testimonial | L-82 in wall / center channel loudspeakers

Name: Glenn E.
Location: Vail, CO
Purchase Date: Dec 16 2013

L-82 in wall / center channel loudspeakers

A year and a half ago we purchased 8 of your speakers (3 L-65 LCRS, 1 pair L-62 & 1.5 pair L-82). We’ve finally finished our remodel in Vail, CO and are enjoying the fantastic sound coming from your speakers. They maybe the best speakers I’ve ever heard. I have a question though, how do you pivot the tweeters? They seem locked in place and I don’t want to use too much force. I thought I’d play with the pivot to see if I could detect any differences that improved the center channel from my sitting position on the couch.

Thanks for your help!

Follow-up: Thanks Gregory. I figured out the tweeters and everyone in my family is super impressed with the sound. The center channel speaker fills in perfectly with spoken words coming right from the TV screen itself!

I hope your business is doing well. We will recommend Noble Fidelity to others. Merry Christmas!

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