Testimonial | L-85 LCRS in ceiling all channel loudspeaker

Name: Alvin R.
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Purchase Date: Nov 16 2009
Product: L-85 LCRS in ceiling all channel loudspeaker
L-85 LCRS in ceiling all channel loudspeaker

Hi Greg,

Hope you are doing well. I am very happy to write something up. I think about you often when I stare up at the ceiling. It was such a pleasure doing business with you. How is the company doing?

This is my message:

We purchased a pair of L-85 LCRS ceiling speakers about 5 years ago to outfit a living room with no space for my old towers. I was hesitant at first but after reading the rave reviews and talking with Greg several times I decided to take the leap. Wow, what a bargain. I would buy these again and again and will outfit every future home I end up living in with Noble Fidelity. They are an amazing value that has just about everyone that visits talking about the sound.

Customer service wise Greg is through the roof. He answered all of my little annoying questions with enthusiasm and we exchanged many emails about placement, some including photos of my living room and how we should arrange the speakers for the best overall experience with music and home theatre.

In short, Noble Fidelity is one of those companies I find myself genuinely rooting for because you cannot help but get the feeling that they really do have your best interest at heart. I only wish I needed more speakers so I could order more, but thankfully some of my friends do!

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