Testimonial | L-85 In Ceiling Loudspeakers

Name: A. D.
Location: New York, NY
Purchase Date: Mar 21 2013
Product: L-85 in ceiling loudspeakers

L-85 mk ll center channel in ceiling / in wall loudspeakers

Dear Greg,

I’ve been using the speakers now for almost three weeks and I love them. The sound is beautiful. I’ve been listening to my old jazz collection and I’m constantly amazed by the many subtleties I keep picking up – a hi-hat here, a clarinet there, the fullness and airiness of the sound stage, the warmth and clarity of the sound. I’m enjoying my music collection in a way I haven’t since I was a teenager. Also, as you know, I’m still waiting to buy a suitable sub-woofer. But I was surprised by the depth of of the bass response with your speakers. I was watching Batman Begins and I could feel the vibrations in my toes during those big sound and action sequences. And the speakers are in the ceiling! That’s the other amazing thing, I don’t really think of the speakers as being in the ceiling – the sound is just all around me. I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am to have your speakers.

When I started out researching in-wall and in-ceiling speakers a half year ago, I was looking for something in my modest budget that would look great and give me amazing sound. I was also looking for a company that wasn’t an outsized, faceless entity but was something more homegrown – with an investment in quality and craftsmanship. I thought I was being unreasonably idealistic. But when a friend of a friend showed me your speakers and I looked up your work on the internet I could barely believe it. Your generous personal attention and care in helping me choose the right speakers for my space solidly confirmed my initial positive feeling.

Thanks again for all your help. And know you have one perfectly content customer who will be talking about your speakers every chance she gets.



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