Testimonials | L-85 MK II in ceiling loudspeakers

Name: Ian T.
Location: Cremorne, NSW, Australia
Purchase Date: May 28 2010

Though we never intended it, our L-62 in-walls are probably the most played speakers in the house. They fill our kitchen/dining area with detailed, engaging music that feels smooth across the frequency range.

I selected the L-62’s to provide clear background music – which they do with aplomb – but we love turning them up loud – dancing, singing and otherwise embarrassing ourselves through family time. They give the coffins in the sitting-room a run for the money. We have just fitted a pair of L-85’s to an outdoor sitting area and they sound equally impressive. I’m not sure our neighbours will be too pleased when summer comes around – these speakers demand to be heard. And, I loved the easy, well–thought–out mountings.

Ian, Sydney Australia.

I hope all is going well at Noble Fidelity.



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