Testimonial | L-65 in ceiling loudspeakers

Name: Ian C.
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Purchase Date: Sep 04 2013

L-65 mk ll in ceiling / in wall / center channel loudspeakers

Dear Mr. Ford,
Last year I bought from you 3 of your Noble Fidelity model L-65 LCR for my Front channels & 2 L-65 for my Rear L&R ceiling speakers for my tiny house. Floor space is scarce, of course, which was the motivating factor. For the first time in my life, I needed the Front, L&R, Center and Rear Surround speakers to be ceiling installed. I was quite concerned about how this would work out, as I am an audiophile and love to listen to good jazz HD as well as playing LP music. I invested quite a bit on a Oppo 105 Blu-Ray, Onkyo TX-NR 838 receiver, Nottingham turntable with a 501 shelter cartridge playing through our Ear tube phono stage. DNM RCA Cables, Decware audio RCA cables as well as PWB Electronics RCA Cables.

I read a number of reviews and that gave me confidence in buying Noble Fidelity speakers .

Well, the results exceeded my expectations. At times the sound is almost 3D or holographic. I feel like I am right there with Eva Cassidy on stage, or at the front row in a jazz night club like “Live At the Pawnshop”. Recently we bought a 2nd tiny home as a vacation/rental, and I was so content with Noble Fidelity ceiling speakers we will be ordering five more for our new home in Cloverdale CA.

I would like to thank Mr. Ford and the team of Noble Fidelity for Delivering the goods!

I am very happy to recommend to all music lovers, Noble fidelity speakers are great speakers, beautiful sound, happy souls.

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